Recent Work

Recent, current and ongoing activities, initiatives and projects exploring the relationships between creative expression, the arts, health and healing in the north. Through our works, HARC, our partners and collaborators strive to create and sustain a dynamic, inclusive, strengths-based forum for innovative inquiry and practice around renewing and expanding health, wellness and well-being in northern communities.

March 9, 2019

New Publication — Web of culture: Critically assessing online mental health resources for Indigenous youth in northern British Columbia using digital storytelling

So pleased to share this new publication by HARC collaborator and soon-to-be-physician, Val Ward, and Dr. Sarah de Leeuw: Web of culture: Critically assessing online mental health resources for Indigenous youth in northern British Columbia using digital storytelling “Traditional sources of health information are no longer meeting needs of young generations, including Indigenous youth, who are increasingly turning to the internet with health–related questions. Research has shown that culturally–tailored health …

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New Publication — Geographies of Medical and Health Humanities: A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation

We are thrilled to share a new publication by Dr. Sarah de Leeuw, Dr. Courtney Donovan and Nicole Schafenacker (MA) and featuring nine cross disciplinary pieces including poetry and graphic medicine: “In recent years, both within and beyond academic and clinical spheres, medical and health humanities have become increasingly influential. Drawing from interdisciplinary fields in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts, medical and health humanities present unique lenses for …

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Recording of “Health Humanities and Unsettling Colonial Medicine” webinar now available

We are very happy to share a recording of the “Health Humanities and Unsettling Colonial Medicine” webinar, a joint effort between National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH) and the Health Arts Research Centre (HARC)! This online recording is available on a number of platforms: Please see the link available on the NCCAH website here.  The recording is also available to watch on YouTube (click here), or alternately to listen …

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February 10, 2019

Notions and Bundles

Co-facilitators Sarah de Leeuw (HARC Research Director) and Margo Greenwood (Scientific Director, National Collaborating Centre for Aborignal Health)  are offering 12 engaging cultural awareness and respect workshops throughout British Columbia this winter and spring to Early Years Service Providers within the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD). The 3-hour workshops encourage participants to use arts-based reflection to actively explore their assumptions, biases and knowledges about Indigenous peoples and families. Attendees create and leave with a bundled token of …

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January 10, 2019

Learning to Work Together: Using Photovoice to Help Respond to the Cumulative Impacts of Resource Extraction in Rural and Remote Communities

In May 2017, the Environment, Community, Health Observatory (ECHO) Network was launched at the University of Northern British Columbia on the unceded and traditional territories of the Lheidli T’enneh. The ECHO Network seeks to explore whether public health observatory approaches can enable coordination between sectors to address the cumulative health impacts of resource development. HARC’s role in the project is to work with the ECHO Network to reflect on how …

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HARC Art Worksheets

We are very excited to share our easy-to-use and fun art activities with detailed information about supplies, step-by-step instructions and points of discussion. These worksheets provide a wide variety of exercises, including activities for all ages, groups of different sizes and art experience. All of the worksheets has, as their common goal, of talking about and sharing wellness with all those involved. You will find the art worksheets organized by style of …

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