Creative Wellness at Home for Indigenous Youth from Northern BC

This free home-based creative experience is for Indigenous youth from northern British Columbia who are between the ages of 12 to 18 and are interested in arts and culture in wellness or who may be interested in pursuing careers in a health or social service field.

Registration is now open. Please click here to access the July 2020 session registration form.

What will the Experience Involve?
You will receive a creative wellness package that contains all necessary supplies and instructions (by hand-delivery, from a pick-up location, or by postage). You will also receive a written creative prompt that will lead you through that month’s art activity and a related reflection question. You will be encouraged to use artwork to explore and express your own personal and community strengths, creativity and culture as essential components to enhancing your own health and well-being and reaching your goals.

We hope through this home-based creative event that you will experience increased knowledge, awareness, and pride of Indigenous knowledges you already possess around health and wellness, and inspiration to potentially pursue a future in health and science education paths and professions.

Your package will contain both printed instructions as well as links to video instructions. You will also be offered the opportunity to share your unique creative expression experience on the Health Arts Research Centre website and social media pages.

Sessions involve different art projects and are planned to occur monthly through May, June, July and August (with new registration forms for each month). There are 50 registration openings each month and there is no cost to participate.


Tune into our new YouTube mini-series 'Creative Wellness at Home with Marion Erickson'. Marion will be creating and uploading various episodes to promote and encourage wellness for Indigenous families. The series will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.