The Birch Bark Hearts Competition

Registration is Now Closed


The Birch Bark Hearts Competition is a mini competition now open for Indigenous youth (age 12-18) from northern British Columbia to take part in. The winner will be selected by random draw and each person has the opportunity to have their name entered into the draw up to TWO times.  The draw is for a Mystery Prize that will be mailed to the winner at the end of the competition.


The competition involves following a step-by-step instructional video (posted blow). In the video, Marion Erickson will show you how to make your birch heart from start to finish. At the centre of the finished birch hearts will be the name of either a health career you would like to one day be in, or the name of a health career that you have admired during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please try and think outside the box! There are many health careers outside of doctors and nurses!


To have your name entered for ONE ballot, take a picture of your birch heart and send it the Health Arts Research Centre by email: or text message: 250-640-3927! You can have a SECOND ballot entered into the draw by writing on a piece of paper why you chose the health career that you did with an explanation of what makes that career of interest to you.


We are aware that Canada Post is experiencing delays due to increased use of mail so this competition will close once everyone has had a chance to complete their birch heart project,


All of the required supplies will be sent to you through postage.