Caroline Shooner, MD

Caroline ShoonerCaroline Shooner

Caroline grew up in Montreal and completed her medical degree at McGill University (1996) and her Family Medicine residency at Memorial University (1998). She spent the first years of her medical career traveling and working across the country, while also recording music and performing as part of the original folk duo Her Sweet Time.  ​​
In 2007, Caroline joined the Queen Charlotte medical team and has been practicing on Haida Gwaii ever since. 
​Caroline is interested in how the Arts and Humanities can help promote health and allow us to look more critically and meaningfully at how we practice medicine. She has always thought of medicine as “Applied Humanities.” In 2015, she completed a MSc in Medical Humanities at King’s College London. During this year, she was introduced to the field of Graphic Medicine and started drawing cartoons, inspired by the comic side of small town medicine: The Boon Docs.