Call for Proposals!

HARC seeks proposals for a project entitled H.E.A.L. Healthcare: Hearts-based Education and Anti-colonial Learning. If you have ever had an idea (or an experience) that you think would be good for teaching healthcare students and/or professionals how to become conscious of their biases (that land on them via colonialism, LGBTQ2S+phobias, placeism, fatphobia, ableism, and more) and how to, well… maybe… fix/respond to/address them, then please we’d like to hear from you!  Send in your idea and a proposed budget of up to $10,000 for projects that provide healthcare teaching and learning tools that are anti-oppressive, arts-based, and can be delivered via an online platform. Yes, this is vague. That’s because we seek YOUR creativity.  We REALLY do want YOUR ideas. will receive your proposals and they will be vetted via a peer review panel consisting of artists, activists, clinicians, and scholars.