A.R.T Program Exhibition at Pope Mountain Arts in Fort St James

HARC is very happy to support the A.R.T. Program hosted at CNC, which recently held a public exhibition at Pope Mountain Arts in Fort St. James.

Some reflections from participants:

“ [art] has shaped me my whole life. It is a big outlet and enjoyment to everything. Art brings me into a meditative space—when I would sketch for a tattoo, everything narrows to creating that artwork. I don’t even see or hear anything else. It’s like being connected to the whole world.”

“Huge stress-reliever. [Art] interrupts my busy life. I slow down, take time for myself and chill out.”

“I’d taken Land-Based Healing and Wellness and I was intrigued by the people. And I thought the idea of me doing art was a hoot. It has been a light-hearted relief when the last couple of years are tough. When [a friend] suggested I come to art class, I laughed. I thought it was a joke. It’s been a relief.”

“It doesn’t matter what happens during the week, when I get deeply into my art, it is like a treatment. You feel good, a totally different attitude. I am enjoying it really much.”