Be/Cause You Care Box

In May 2022, HARC launched the “Be/Cause You Care Box”. Since May, we have fulfilled 102 subscriptions to the box, which contains interactive materials for health care providers in Northern BC to learn about anti-Indigenous racism in the health care system. Met with huge success, health care providers from all over BC have shown great interest in this type of learning resource.

On October 13th, HARC Research Manager, Lisa Striegler, presented the Be/Cause You Care Box to the BC College of Oral Health Professionals. Everyone on this and many of the staff subscribed for the box and the feedback has been very positive – of note is something very simple. Two subscribers described the joy in receiving this material item of a box in the mail when so much learning and communication is digital. Then, opening it up and smelling the scent of the leather inside further built the learning experience into something holistic involving more of the senses. Finally, each had either children or grandchildren with them when they opened the box, so the learning became a shared experience between generations.