Art Worksheets

January 10, 2019

HARC Art Worksheets

We are very excited to share our¬†easy-to-use and fun art activities with detailed information about supplies, step-by-step instructions and points of discussion.¬†These worksheets provide a wide variety of exercises, including activities for all ages, groups of different sizes and art experience. All of the worksheets has, as their common goal, of talking about and sharing wellness with all those involved. You will find the art worksheets organized by style of …

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October 11, 2018

Creative Arts Worksheets

These art activities are created from current art expression literature, online resources, the recommendations of an art therapist, as well as from the Northern Medical Program’s FLEX initiative, Brains on Canvas. These activities can be used by health care providers and students in a variety of ways. They can guide reflections on clinical scenarios, be used as a tool to debrief, help with relaxation, or facilitate creativity. Medical students might …

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