Creative Arts Worksheets

These art activities are created from current art expression literature, online resources, the recommendations of an art therapist, as well as from the Northern Medical Program’s FLEX initiative, Brains on Canvas. These activities can be used by health care providers and students in a variety of ways. They can guide reflections on clinical scenarios, be used as a tool to debrief, help with relaxation, or facilitate creativity. Medical students might especially find them useful during their Portfolio sessions, which are a series of clinical experience reflection modules completed throughout medical school, often facilitated by a tutor in a small group setting. The activities can be adapted to your interest and level of comfort with art materials. Remember, the purpose is not to create a masterpiece, but instead to help translate and process your thoughts, experiences and emotions in a new way. Many people find art to be an effective medium for expressing topics and ideas that are not always easy to describe or process verbally. We hope that these activities might help to facilitate and enhance your creative thinking, action and reflection, as often the hardest thing when it comes to creating art is getting started!

What’s in your head

Watercolour Cross-Sections

The Two Masks

Self-Image Homunculus

Neuron Blow Painting

Mood Mandala

Mirror Mirror

Mental Snapshot