Creativity and Geography: Toward a Politicized Intervention

This special issue of the Geographical Review 

Geog review April 2013 copy

academic journal was co-edited by Drs. Sallie A. Marsten and Sarah de Leeuw, with a special focus on creativity and geography. Their introduction outlines the connections, and their importance, between geographical understandings of social systems and communities, and how creative expression rooted in geographical place informs ways of knowing, living and being.

“The distinguishing feature of this special issue of the Geographical Review is an overt politicization of this ‘creative (re)turn’ in human geography.”

This reference to politicization describes an increased production of creative and artistic expression by artists, writers, and geographers who are themselves artists and writers, as a means of political critique. These creative works establish a disciplinary foundation for critical reflection and knowledge production around issues that reside within and come forth through the connections of people and place.