Dakelh language curriculum coming to Prince George (SD57), Quesnel (SD28), and the rest of the province.

HARC is celebrating the Dakelh Language Curriculum Development Committee in completing the Dakelh language curriculum for the Province of BC.

HARC’s Research Manager, Marion Erickson, is a Dakelh Language Curriculum Development Committee member. Dakelh language is often used in various HARC events where we are honoured to teach healthcare professionals.

As Marion shares, “This has been a tremendous experience being part of this important committee, I have learned so much from my colleagues on the committee, and I am looking forward to helping develop resources to implement this curriculum. As a young person attending high school, Dakelh Language would only get half credits due to a lack of curriculum. I am happy to contribute to this to ensure that not only my children, but all children can benefit from learning the Dakelh language.”

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Dakelh Language Curriculum recognized by the Province