Ebru Ustundag

Ebru Ustundag is a critical feminist geographer interested in intersections of health/care and social justice as these relations unfold in various urban spaces. In St. Catharines (ON) she collaborates with various community partners and social agencies to facilitate radical collective action by building solidarities and alliances. She is an Associate Professor of Geography at Brock University and a graduate faculty member in the interdisciplinary Social Justice and Equity Studies MA program.  Ebru is also a founding member of the executive board of the Graphic Medicine International Collective (GMIC) where she collaborates with other academics, health carers and comic artists to explore the interactions between the medium of comics and the discourses of healthcare. Ebru has been an active member of the Canadian Association of Health Humanities (CAHH) advisory and executive committees.

Website: https://brocku.ca/social-sciences/geography/faculty-and-staff/ebru-ustundag/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nomadic_ebru