Empire, Education, and Indigenous Childhoods

Interested in reading the foreword written by Sarah de Leeuw and Margo Greenwood for a book titled ‘Empire, Education and Indigenous Childhoods: Nineteenth-Century Missionary Infant Schools in Three British Colonies’? Click Here.

Summary: Examining the experiences of very young ‘native’ children in three British colonies, the authors focus on the shared as well as unique aspects of the colonial experience in infant schools across the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand, Upper Canada, and British-controlled India. Informed by archival research, Empire, Education, and Indigenous Childhoods illuminates both the pervasiveness of missionary education and the diverse contexts in which its attendant ideals were applied.

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‘Empire, Education, and Indigenous Childhoods perforce covers a lot of ground. … the book is outstanding as a guide to the topic, as well as a helpful treatment of the topic itself.’ – Journal of British Studies

‘… this is a complex, intensively researched, and extensively grounded book. Little-known episodes from the past are etched out and an exploratory, non-judgmental framework is used for analysis.’ – Historical Studies in Education