Girls Resilience, Ingenuity & Tenacity (GRIT) Program

The Health Arts Research Centre (HARC) is excited to partner with the Terrace Women’s Resource Society (TWRC) in their Girls Resilience, Ingenuity & Tenacity (GRIT) Program. This fall, and again in the new year, our team will offer virtual presentations for participants interested in Indigenous Knowledge, arts, and science – all with an eye to promoting health careers for northern, rural, remote and Indigenous girls!

Marion Erickson will give our first presentation for girls in the GRIT program. Marion will lead discussions about the structure of a well-known Indigenous mythology, the Trickster Stories! Marion will introduce Indigenous artists who use acrylic paint or graphics/comics to tell Indigenous stories about history, land, and science! The Trickster knows a thing or two about health and well-being, so this is sure to be an inspiring event!