H.E.A.L. Healthcare Team Presents at Three Conferences

In addition to Creating Space 14 (see previous post), H.E.A.L. Healthcare Research Manager, Nicole Halbauer, and Digital Archivist, Michelle Roberge presented at two more conferences this Spring.

On May 27-28, 2024, Nicole and Michelle presented at CASN Binnial Canadian Nursing Education Conference in Calgary, Alberta. 

Here’s a few words from Michelle about their time at the conference:

After the keynote speakers all spoke for 1.5 hours (there were 6 Indigenous leaders who shared their perspectives on Indigenous nursing and nursing culture), Nicole stood up in front of the 300-400 delegates and spoke for 3 minutes about the HEAL project and how it is timely and needed. Then for the rest of the day until our presentation, we spoke to poster presenters, conference attendees and folks that came up to Nicole and engaged with her directly, recognizing her from her 3 minutes at the mic. Folks were moved. Tears were flowing! At our presentation, we had 45 people attend (roughly, it was a small room with 30 seats, but there were people sitting on the floor and standing in the doorway). They were all very engaged, and loved our presentation.

On June 6-8, 2024, Nicole and Michelle presented again at the RCCbc Rural Health Conference in Wistler, BC. 

The majority of the folks at this conference were physicians, residents and medical students. Thanks Nicole and Michelle for getting word out about this project!