HARC PhD candidate Christine Añonuevo participates in panel discussion at Asian American Association Studies Conference

PhD candidate Christine Añonuevo was invited by Dr. JP Catungal (UBC) and Dr. May Farrales (SFU) to participate in a panel discussion at the Asian American Association Studies Conference on Duwamish territory, otherwise known as Seattle, WA alongside doctoral students Alyssa Reyes, Allen Baylosis, and Gym Pangilinan.

This panel attends to the politics of Filipinx diasporic presences in BC, along with our place-based and -specific histories and struggles, and our acts of daily living, creativity and community building. Drawing from and extending scholarship on the geopolitics of regional formations in Asian American studies, our presentations unpack, from our BC locations, the spatial ways of knowing that shape “Filipinx Canada” and “Filipinx Canadian studies” as political and conceptual formations. Together, they respond to earlier calls to expand the geographical ambit of Filipinx Canadian studies as a field and scholarly community (McElhinny et al., 2012). We are emerging scholars whose respective projects examine BC-based Filipinx Canadian efforts to make life and place in this province. Collectively, we ask: What is to be gained for Filipinx Canadian studies when we theorize on, from and through so-called British Columbia? What methodological, empirical, conceptual and political grounds open up when Filipinx Canadian scholarship begins from these coastal, unceded, Pacific and Western lands?