HARC PhD Student Vanessa Mitchell Publishes Review of ‘The Fire Still Burns’

Congrats to HARC PhD student Vanessa Mitchell on the publication of her review of The Fire Still Burns: Life in and After Residential School by Sam George.
In Vanessa’s words, “The Fire Still Burns is a formidable rendering of the survivance of the human spirit in residential schools, a book that should be read by Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences as a testament to the power of healing.”
Check out her review here: https://bcstudies.com/book_film_review/the-fire-still-burns-life-in-and-after-residential-school/?fbclid=IwAR02GQ5PXFpgbTfW8J_1XirpGI6UI1oVutd36YVfarH-yu4qCszqzvG8PWA