HARC Team Presents “Secret Pocket Workshop” at UNBC Research Conference

On November 7, 2023, HARC team members Marion Erickson, Lisa Striegler, Sarah de Leeuw, and Vivianne Josewski presented at the UNBC Conference Looking to the Future: Health in the North.

The Secret Pocket Workshop: Indigenous Stories in Healthcare to Address Bias and Move our Hearts

While concepts like anti-racism, anti-bias, privilege, cultural humility, cultural safety, and cultural competency are in wide circulation across healthcare service provision, few of the educational and professional development opportunities about these practices are focused on ways participants feel and/or orient emotionally to complicated and messy workplace dilemmas. This heart of this workshop is ensuring participants explore how within each of us, and despite mistakes and fears and through critical reflective practice informed by story and art, there is unlimited potential for professional transformation. Participants will leave with personal commitments and concreate tools to combat anti-Indigenous racism in healthcare.

Using arts-based curriculum, participants will build an understanding about anti-Indigenous racism and bias, along with deeper commitments to cultural safety and humility through creative reflective practices. This curriculum revolves around interactive discussions and hands-on creative activities that will work towards:

  • Identifying cultural barriers in the health care system between healthcare practitioners and Indigenous peoples’
  • Discussing how cultural sensitivity reduces cultural barriers and increases safety for patients
  • Developing revised practices based on cultural sensitivity and culturally safe care