January Envisioning Health Art Night with Nadleh Whut’En

We were so excited to see new and returning faces at the first Envisioning Health with Nadleh Whut’En Art Night of 2020.  After a nutritious and warm dinner together of moose stew, raw veggies, fruit and cake, the art activities began!

This month’s project was string-nail wall art! Creating these beautiful art pieces involved using image stencils (some people creatively drew their own) to draw out different shapes on a painted block of wood. Then, nails were hammered in at points around the shape. Coloured string or twine of people’s choosing was then wrapped around the nails to connect them together. The result was that the images were filled with string! Have a look at some of the beautiful pieces created in the gallery below.

Envisioning Health is a partnership project with Dr. Terri Aldred and the community of Nadleh Whut’En. Gatherings occur monthly to explore creativity, health and wellbeing after sharing a community meal together.

Thank you Nadleh Whut’En for continuing to welcome the Health Arts Research Centre to share art making and friendship with your community!