Lucille Harms

Lucille Harms of Kitamaat VillageLucille grew up on a small hobby farm just outside of Terrace and was often found ensconced at the kitchen table, captivated by the soft voices of men talking about Indian Politics. She realized at a very young age that the needs of Indigenous Peoples seemed immeasurable and that education was the force needed to face the systemic issues that plagued them.

She never envisioned herself as a political decision maker, but has now entered her second term as a councilor for her Nation. She knows the Haisla do not require fixing or paternalistic answers. They’ve proven their magnificent resiliency. Their society was built around connectedness with God, Community, Territory and neighboring Nations. She believes a place of order allows for peace within one’s heart, and within one’s world.

Over a cajillian years of life experience and nursing in a variety of areas: community health, chemo, maternity, home care, long term care, acting nurse in-charge for acute care etc have shaped some of Lucille’s biases. She hopes that she can emulate a soft gentle approach to create good change whenever a situation arises in which she may help others.