November Envisioning Health Art Night with Nadleh Whut’En

November’s Envisioning Health Art Night in the community of Nadleh Whut’En was full of delicious food, laughter, family, and stunning art! After a nutritious meal of bison stew, roasted root vegetables, warm buns, and fruit drizzled with chocolate, the art activities began!

Laura Mcnab-Coombs, acting Research Manager at the Health Arts Research Centre, taught and led the November art project which involved learning intricate techniques of Métis dot paining. The patterns you see in the photos were created by dipping thin paintbrushes in paint, then gently pressing the brushes onto a black canvas, creating raised circles that simulate beadwork. During the evening, some community members also finished painting their clay art from last month’s gathering and others added finishing touches on other Envisioning Health art projects that are set to be showcased at the upcoming Winter Art Show!

Envisioning Health is a partnership project with Dr. Terri Aldred and the community of Nadleh Whut’En. Gatherings occur monthly to explore creativity, health and wellbeing after sharing a community meal together. Thank you Nadleh Whut’En for continuing to welcome the Health Arts Research Centre to share art making and friendship with your community!