Darian Goldin Stahl

Postdoctoral Researcher and HARC Contributor
Darian Goldin Stahl is an artist, bookmaker, and Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at UNBC. Her collaborative and participant-driven project, “Embodied Books: Binding Together Illness, Art, and Learning,” demonstrates the potential of merging text + image + the senses for communicating lived experiences. Bound into book forms, these objects are capable of archiving and transporting the stories of their makers–connecting their voices with readers far and wide. The goal of this project is to proliferate first-person portrayals of health and illness that are creative, multi-sensory, and authentic to their makers’ unique points of view. Vist www.embodiedbooks.com to learn more. 
Darian is a settler and immigrant from the US. She received her PhD in Humanities from Concordia University in 2021, and her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Alberta in 2015. The daughter of soldiers, Darian has called many places around the world home but currently splits her time between British Columbia, Kentucky, and Hawaii. Darian has a longstanding artistic partnership with her sister, Devan, who is a medical ethicist and chronically ill. The Stahl sisters create prints and artists’ books about what it is like to be ill, with the aim of sensitizing healthcare practitioners to the life of their patients beyond the clinic doors. To view this work, please visit Darian’s website: www.dariangoldinstahl.com