Katriona Siloen Auerbach

HARC Research Associate

Katriona is a Research Associate with HARC. She completed her MA Interdisciplinary Studies degree at UNBC supervised by Dr. Sarah de Leeuw and Dr. Wade Davis. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Anthropology at Vancouver Island University. Prior to her academic achievements she traveled to northern British Columbia to attend a wilderness guide school and soon began working with the local trackers and guides of the area. As her skills developed, she began to guide full-time, specializing in remote horseback hunting trips.

In 2002, after working for many years in the Spatsizi region of northern British Columbia, she became the first woman to receive the prestigious Leland Award for top hunting, fishing and wilderness guide across British Columbia, the Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.  However, Katriona will be the first to disclose that she most certainly recognizes that she is not the most skilled hunter across such territories.  In fact, the reason that she was nominated for such an award was, rather, for the holistic hunting experience that she provided her hunting clients.  Hunting with Katriona reaches far beyond a successful hunt in that it incorporates a learning experience that immerses the hunter into a world of intelligent landscapes, medicinal plants and a respectful, reciprocal and healing relationship with the animals, plants and lands that provide us our sustenance.

Today, Katriona is interested in exploring the healing relationship between humans and land through her Master’s research entitled: Hunting, Healing & Human-Land Relationships: An Inquiry into Health and Well-Being through Indigenous Informed Hunting Practices, Land Relationships and Ways of Knowing.  She is very excited and humbled to have the honour to work alongside some very special Indigenous Chiefs, Elders, Hunters and Knowledge Holders from a variety of First Nation groups across British Columbia.  She is also grateful to have her research and studies supported through a variety of sources including the Health Arts Research Center (HARC), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), West Fraser Timber Co. (WFT), and through a number of scholarships from the University of British Columbia (UNBC).

Although Katriona has traveled and worked in many countries around the world, she continues to feel most at home riding horses in the northern Canadian wilderness.