Katya Korol

Past HARC contributor, MSc Student, Interdisciplinary Studies

Katya is a Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies student at UNBC. She completed her undergraduate degree in Arts and Science at McMaster University where she studied the interaction between socio-political atmospheres and health. Through her courses and research assistance work, she developed an interest in addressing health inequities, particularly those experienced by Indigenous communities in Canada.

After spending time working on organic farms in New Zealand, Katya also became interested in the interaction between food systems and health, which led her to pursue volunteer work with ‘food as medicine’ support groups, and thesis research on the ways in which ‘health’ is advertised by food corporations.

Katya is grateful to be a part of the HARC team and she is excited to continue to learn about unique ways to promote holistic, diverse and inclusive understandings and approaches to health in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities in British Columbia.