Laura McNab-Coombs

Past HARC Indigenous Mentee
Nelson & District Metis Youth Representative
Founder of SpiritFit Wellness Association

Laura is a proud Metis woman from the beautiful West Kootenay Region who has relocated to Prince George to finish her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Biomedical Studies at UNBC. She currently works as an Indigenous Mentee here at the HARC.

Laura is passionate about Indigenous health and well-being, and hopes to become a physician working with Northern Indigenous communities. She hopes to bring a unique approach to her medical practice, combining aspects of traditional medicine with Western medical knowledge, creating a safe space for Indigenous clients. Her experience here at UNBC with members of the LGBTQ2 community has inspired her to aspire to create an LGBTQ2-inclusive practice.

Laura currently works to serve her people by standing as the Nelson & District Metis Association Youth Representative, engaged in cultural revitalization, representation, and empowerment. She also sits as a Board member on the Metis Mental Health Youth Advisory Committee, and on the Rural Health Equity Conference Steering Committee.

Laura has worked as a Research Assistant for Dr. Delia Roberts and her company FitSafe Solutions Inc., as well as volunteered as an Interior Crisis Line Worker. These experiences, combined with her cultural understanding of the importance of arts in health, have shown her the importance of arts in achieving optimal health and wellness of all peoples.