Monika Krzywania

PhD student, Health Sciences

Monika Krzywania, a recent transplant to Prince George from Markham, Ontario, is pursuing her PhD studies in the Health Sciences Department at UNBC under the supervision of Dr. Sarah de Leeuw and Dr. Margo Greenwood. Monika’s research interests lie at the intersections of culture, place, and health. Her research seeks to honour diverse knowledges and experiences of health and wellbeing, especially within the field of maternal and child health. Very broadly, Monika’s work asks: What does health mean for folks and, furthermore, how are these meanings valued and interpreted in mainstream healthcare spaces?

Monika is a bit of an academic wayfarer with a BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology from McGill University and an MA in Geography from Carleton University. Her previous graduate work followed the anti-colonial resistance of Indigenous midwifery practitioners, in what is now Eastern Ontario and Western Québec, as they work to bring birth back to their communities. More specifically, this research traced the ways in which a group of Indigenous midwifery practitioners navigated (and subverted) a complex spatio-legal landscape to challenge normative understandings of risk and safety, advocating for better health outcomes and care experiences for their clients.