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From A Companion to Social Geography | By Sarah de Leeuw, Audrey Kobayashi, and Emilie Cameron | 2013

This chapter in “A Companion to Social Geography” co-authored by Sarah de Leeuw, Audrey Kobayashi and Emilie Cameron deals with the intersection of power and “difference”, and how “social geographers have mainly considered difference as it pertains to class, sexuality, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and questions of power as expressed spatially”.

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Art and Wellness: The Importance of Art for Aboriginal Peoples’ Health and Healing

From National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health | By Alice Muirhead and Sarah de Leeuw | 2012

Upon first glance, the creative arts and health may not seem to have much in common. With greater scrutiny, however, creativity and human well-being—especially the well-being of Indigenous peoples—can be seen as having a long and productive relationship that holds tremendous promise for addressing persistent health inequities between communities and populations.

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“Art Days: Two medical students reflect on the value of cultural immersion and cultural safety”

From BC Medical Journal | By Annika Klopp and Allison Nakanishi | 2012

The concepts of cultural immersion, cultural competence, and cultural safety are explored in the context of two medical students’ experiences contributing to qualitative research on a northern BC First Nations reserve. The project Art Days, a partnership between the Nak’azdli Health Centre and the UNBC Northern Medical Program, looks at the potential of artistic expression as a way for people to feel better and to articulate what is needed for …

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“The Art of Medicine”

From Northword | By Northword | 2011

Art Days and the integration of creative expression and culturally sound elements of care in the north are profiled by Northword magazine.

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