Research Poster: What’s Happening to Me? Exploring Transformation in Medical Education Through Poetry

We are very pleased to share the work of Victoria Bass, a student of the Southern Medical Program at UBC. In a true example of the meeting point bewteen art and medicine she has designed a research poster, What’s Happening to Me? Exploring Transformation in Medical Education Through Poetry. An intersection of autoethnography, poetic inquiry and grounded theory, Bass uses graphic means to capture the journey of transformation to becoming a physician. Go Victoria!

Victoria Bass is a second year medical student in the Southern Medical Program at the University of British Columbia. Currently, her research interests include enculturation and identity development in medical training, as well as conceptual intersections between poetics and medicine. Additionally, Victoria is currently working on developing her creative writing skills in order to capture the experience of medical training in poetry. Prior to entering medical school, she worked in the UBC Department of Chemistry where she developed a pilot program to teach improv to undergraduate science students in order to enhance science communication skills. Victoria received her bachelor’s degree from Rice University and her Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School. Following her training, she maintained a career as a professional cellist specializing in contemporary music and interdisciplinary performances before retiring to pursue medicine. Victoria enjoys improv and musical theatre, campfire songs, and skiing.