September & October ‘Envisioning Health’ Art Nights with Nadleh Whut’En

The Envisioning Health partnership project with Dr. Terri Aldred and the northern BC community of Nadleh Whut’En continues to gather monthly to explore creativity, health and wellbeing.  The project began in the spring of 2018 and employs arts, community- and strengths-based approaches to explore what optimal health and wellness means to community members of all ages. Evening gatherings include socializing around a meal and participating in individual and group expression through a variety of activities. Below are photos highlighting art and activities during our September and October 2019 gatherings! This winter, Nadleh Whut’En will host an art show during their annual Christmas event to showcase the inspiring and unique pieces created by community members over the entire duration of the Envisioning Health project thus far. We are looking forward to experiencing and sharing more about the winter art show soon!

September Community Art Night

After a warm and delicious dinner, community members got started on creating individual wall-hanging art pieces. First, each person chose their unique combination of yarn colours as well as a natural branch. The yarn was then wrapped over the branch, braided, twisted, and layered into unique patterns and designs. Community members were creative in how they chose to twist the yarn- using chairs, tables, arms, and poles to stretch and manipulate the yarn. The end result was beautifully tailored creations!


October Community Art Night 

October’s Art Night involved community members shaping and working with natural clay. Each person came up with their own idea of what to build and construct, then brought this vision to life using clay-shaping tools.  After allowing the clay to dry overnight, community members were offered the opportunity to visit the art centre over the month to paint the clay formations.