July 13, 2020

Creative Wellness at Home for Indigenous Youth from Northern BC Series

This free home-based creative experience is for Indigenous youth from northern British Columbia who are between the ages of 12 to 18 and are interested in arts and culture in wellness or who may be interested in pursuing careers in a health or social service field. Registration is now open. Please click here to access the July 2020 session registration form. What will the Experience Involve? You will receive a …

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February 14, 2020

Indigenous Voices, Stories, and Healthcare at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia

The HARC team was encouraged and inspired by the insights and conversations surrounding our most recent iteration of “Indigenous Voices, Stories, and Healthcare”, a 3-hour workshop created with the aim of working towards a more culturally humble healthcare system embracing Indigenous peoples and Indigenous knowledges. Experiences, critical discussions, and stories were shared by local Indigenous and non-Indigenous healthcare providers, health researchers, patients, nursing students, medical students, and writers. The workshop …

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February 10, 2019

Notions and Bundles: The Biases and Gifts We Bring to a Blanket of Cultural Respect

              Notions and Bundles: The Biases and Gifts We Bring to a Blanket of Cultural Respect is a three-hour, open-ended and strengths-based workshop designed to encourage storied critical self-reflection about cultural respect, especially as enacted by non-Indigenous settler peoples with Indigenous children, families, communities and people. The workshop is anchored in two simple premises. First, every person has biases and gifts, both of which inform cultural relationships. Second, when heads, hands, AND …

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December 20, 2018

Continuing Conversations around Health, Community and Creative Expression: Envisioning Health with Nadleh Whut’En

The “Envisioning Health” partnership project with Dr. Terri Aldred and the northern BC community of Nadleh Whut’En continues to develop in exciting and creative ways as we close out 2018. We recently spent another evening together, sharing food and laughter, creating winter and holiday-themed cards, and talking about ideas and themes for future gatherings. As the evening came to a close, community members used colourful scrapbook paper to write ideas for future art and health topics, as well as …

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October 11, 2018

Lines and Rhymes: Khast’an and Kimmortal at the Omineca Arts Centre

On September 26th, over 30 youth from northern BC and interested community members attended a night of performances dedicated to imagining healthy environments and communities in northern BC. Before the evening performances, Filipino youth from Prince George joined in an arts and music workshop led by Kimmortal. Appreciated by local Filipinx as a “rare opportunity for youth in the community,” the participants were encouraged to use rhymes, writing, and drawings …

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September 27, 2018

A Break from the Smoke: T-Shirt Decorating!

Students and staff associated with the Health Arts Research Centre (HARC) joined with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) to offer a fun and family friendly creative outlet to evacuees staying in Prince George. All were invited to attend the Saturday session and given the supplies and space to create their own unique t-shirt, and the results were truly inspiring! Participants chose from a variety of fabric markers and fabric …

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Brains on Canvas — Reflective Art by our Northern Medical Program Students

This spring, the Health Arts Research Centre staff was involved in a Northern Medical Program student-led project entitled Brains on Canvas. This project was the result of UBC’s FLEX curriculum, a mandatory research component of the Medical Undergraduate program for students in years 1, 2, and 4.​ The project team includedfirst-year medical students Daveen Panesar, Deanna Klonarakis, and Nick Broc​her, Dr. Alina Constantin, Assistant Director of Anatomy with the NMP, and Charis Alderfer-Mumma, a board-certified Art Therapist and …

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February 27, 2017

Health Arts Research Centre and Aboriginal Health, Northern Health Co-Present at the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council Quality Forum 2017 in Vancouver

Dr. Sarah de Leeuw and Charis Alderfer-Mumma join David Loewen, Community Engagement, Education, and Evaluation Lead for Aboriginal Health, NH, to take part in the March 1, 2017 pre-Forum session: Best of Both Worlds: Dimensions of Quality, Indigenous Perspectives. BC Patient Safety and Quality Council is partnering with the First Nations Health Authority in offering a full-day session on Indigenous health and cultural safety. The session explores the question of how …

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August 30, 2013

Front Lines: Portraits of Caregivers in Northern British Columbia

A joint creative effort by Northern writer and poet Sarah de Leeuw and photographer Tim Swanky, “Front Lines: Portraits of Caregivers in Northern British Columbia” provides a thoughtful and vivid glimpse into the stories behind the way community health care practitioners come to their work and life in northern communities. Profiling forty social workers, pharmacists, nurses and doctors from different communities across Northern BC, “Front Lines” seeks to explore the …

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August 3, 2013

Art Days in Nak’azdli

Art days evolved through intentional relationship with the Nak’azdli First Nation Band Council and Health Centre to engage art as a means of renewing, producing and exploring health and well-being in their community. This project aims to expand a growing body of knowledge about the potential of arts and humanities to theorize, document, translate knowledge about, and potentially ameliorate health inequities lived by northern, rural and especially Indigenous peoples in …

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