WDCAG Conference at UNBC

This year, the 58th Annual Meeting of the Western Division of the Canadian Geographers was held at the Prince George Campus of UNBC from March 11-12th. Many of us from HARC were in attendance, with graduate students Valerie Ward, Katriona Sileon Auerbach, and Julia MacDonald presenting their research (for a list of abstracts from presenters at the conference, click here). HARC director, Dr. Sarah de Leeuw, gaveĀ a guest presentation and spoke of the importance of geographers embracing critical thinking and poetic expression in their thinking, and writing about human-environment relations.

For a video presentation of the conference highlights click here.


Dr. Sarah de Leeuw and Dr. Neil Hanlon


Dr. Sarah de Leeuw and CAG president Theresa Garvin