‘Ut’loo Noye Khunni ~ Weaving Words Celebration: Narrative Medicine

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to hear stories and readings from Richard Van Camp, Jane Inyallie, Dr. Terri Aldred and Danell Clay at our Narrative Medicine event. The event took place at the the UHNBC Learning Development Centre, situated on Lheidli T’enneh territory, as part of the 10th annual ‘Ut’loo Noye Khunni ~ Weaving Words Celebration.

Thank you again to all those who read and attended this wonderful event! Below are some pictures of this inspirational and educational event as well as some of the texts that were shared. 

Richard Van Camp shared his new books and graphic novels, illustrated by many local artists, many of which document Elder’s stories and traditional language. He shared with us his experiences of documenting Elder’s stories as well as the importance. Richard urged everyone to start now to preserve this incredible source of knowledge.

Jane Inyallie shared with us a beautiful and moving poem titled “Belinda the Biker” and shared the story of where she got her inspiration to do so.

Dr. Terri Aldred read “The Three Seeds” by Charles Eisenstein. This is a very powerful essay and should be read by everyone!