Storytelling & Friendship – Sarah de Leeuw & Kung Jaadee present interactive workshop to move hearts and minds

On March 7th, 2024, two friends, Sarah de Leeuw and Kung Jaadee, delivered an interactive lecture and workshop through the AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and University Health Network. This workshop was designed to move hearts and minds by posing the question: How do we think about and practice in new and anticolonial ways?

As these two friends suggest, part of the answer might be located with storytelling, friendship, and narrative, all of which can be broadly conceptualized as tools of a growing field known as health humanities.

Together, Sarah, a non-Indigenous writer/researcher, and Kung Jaadee, an Indigenous storyteller, facilitated this Storytelling and Friendships lecture workshop, which included: Indigenous stories; book making and reflective writing exercise; and an opportunity to learn about how stories, books, and narratives can be important research tools in deepening understandings about cultural humility, cultural competency, anti-racism.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand health humanities and how they can be helpful to well-being.
  • Gain an appreciation for stories and storytelling as research methods, as a means of deepening knowledge about Indigenous peoples, and by undertaking culturally humble practices.
  • Strengthen vulnerability skills by engaging in critical reflection and creative making.

View the presentation here: 

Download the slide deck here: Storytelling and Friendships- Telling Tales about New and Creative Anticolonial Research Methods