Who We Are

We are a group of learners, researchers and collaborators from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and experience who are interested in synergistic and creative ways to interrogate the determinants of health disparities in the north and to engage in strengths-based visioning and action to address the revival of health, healing and well-being in northern communities

Sarah de Leeuw

Research Director

Christine AƱonuevo

PhD Student, Health Sciences

Darian Goldin Stahl

Postdoctoral Researcher and HARC Contributor

Katriona Siloen Auerbach

HARC Research Associate

Katya Korol

MSc Student, Interdisciplinary Studies

Kelsey Chamberlin

MA Student, Interdisciplinary Studies

Laura McNab-Coombs

HARC Indigenous Mentee

Lisa Striegler

HARC Research Manager

Marion Erickson

HARC Research Manager

Mei Wen

HARC Collaborator and Resident Physician

Monika Krzywania

PhD student, Health Sciences

Nikiya MacKinlay

Indigenous Mentee

Roseann Larstone

HARC contributor, Post-Doc, Northern Health, Indigenous Health

Vanessa Mitchell

Phd Student, Health Sciences

Allison Nakanishi

Past HARC Contributor & NMP Graduate

Annika Klopp

Past HARC Contributor & NMP Graduate

Cat Sivertsen

Past HARC Collaborator

Charis Alderfer-Mumma

Past HARC Research Manager

Christine Law

Past HARC Contributor & NMP Student

Hilary McGregor

Past HARC Contributor

Janine Reid

Past HARC Contributor & NMP Student

Jessie King, Hadiksm Gaax

Past HARC Collaborator and Assistant Professor in First Nations Studies

Julia MacDonald

Past HARC Contributor, M.Sc., Community Health

Kendra Mitchell-Foster

Past HARC Collaborator, Postdoctoral Fellow, NMP

Kimberley Thomas

Past HARC Contributer and M.Sc. Student, Health Sciences

Makayla Skrlac

Past HARC Contributor

May Farrales

Past HARC Contributor and Postdoctoral Researcher

Melissa Johnson

Past HARC Contributor, M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies

Nicole Schafenacker

Past HARC Research Associate, M.A. Student, Interdisciplinary Studies

Omolara Odulaja

Past HARC Contributor and PhD Student

Richel Donaldson

Past HARC Contributor and M.A. Student, First Nations Studies

Robin Metcalfe

MSW/ NCCIH Practicum Student and Past HARC Contributor

Samantha nitisiyikason ekwa Amiskwaciywaskahikan ohci niya

MD Student & HARC Research Associate

Shelby Loft

Past HARC Research Fellow and PhD Student

Valerie Ward

Past HARC Contributor, M.Sc., Community Health

Vanessa Sloan Morgan

Past HARC Contributor and Postdoctoral Researcher